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Bernice L. Rocque, PMP
Three Houses Consulting LLC


In perspective

D uring my career, I have had the opportunity to lead and coach project teams that have successfully introduced scores of new products, services, programs, and processes in organizations.

I truly believe that every individual has the potential to make significant contributions at work, and reflect this belief in my company’s products.

In my view, the firm’s products uniquely blend:

  • project and performance management
  • decision and learning processes
  • modularity and easy scalability

Enabling service people to succeed in reaching objectives is the firm's central focus. The firm's products can be used in the work setting, the classroom, or via e-learning systems. At the heart of our brief workshops and team tools are the elements most critical to reaching ROI.

Strengthening organizational performance is a difficult challenge in times of fiscal restraint. In order to help organizations to continue their performance improvement efforts, we have worked hard to (1) price the firm's products very competitively, and (2) minimize the time investment needed to get value from the products.

The firm's Special Introductory Offer makes it possible to invest a bit less to try one of our products. We hope you will take advantage of it.

Owner background

Ms. Rocque has worked in corporate, municipal, and academic sectors. Distinguishing aspects of her career are the number of start-up programs/projects entrusted to her and the associated record of results. Her assignments have been varied, often were highly visible, and frequently required influencing important stakeholders. Ms. Rocque has worked with all levels --- from executives to front-line administrative employees, helping them to improve individual, team, and organizational performance.

Ms. Rocque's project, communication, and human change skills have enabled her to contribute in several disciplines. She has held managerial positions in information management, lead positions in division training and corporate training/development, and internal consulting roles in quality improvement and IT project office operations. Ms. Rocque has assessed multi-million dollar IT projects, mentored project sponsors and teams, coordinated benchmarking activities, created project management decision tools, designed and administered needs assessments and surveys, and facilitated hundreds of business meetings.

She is certified as a PMP by the Project Management Institute (PMI), and as a FAST Session Leader by MG Rush Systems, Inc. Ms. Rocque speaks regularly at professional meetings, usually on human factors that influence business results. She is a member of the Syracuse University School of Information Studies adjunct faculty since 2006 and the iSchool's Advisory Board since 2010.


THREE HOUSES CONSULTING LLC has provided professional services to a number of organizations. Consulting, training, project management, speaking, and publication customers have included:

  • Connecticut Library Association
  • Fairfield County Business Journal
  • Family Chronicle Magazine
  • International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) Providence Chapter, Springfield Chapter
  • Independent Project Analysis, Inc.
  • International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI)
  • ISPI Connecticut Chapter
  • Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc.
  • OfficePro
  • Pfizer Global Research & Development
  • Pinewood Lake Association
  • Project Management Insitute (PMI)
  • PMI New Jersey Chapter
  • Rocque Real Estate
  • Service Corps of Retired Executives(SCORE)
  • Southern Connecticut State University
  • Syracuse University School of Information Studies
  • State of Connecticut

Customers have said:

Highly recommend the instructor for future training.

This was the first and only class I have attended whose main focus was on the people side of the project equation, and your knowledge and experience brought much to the learning experience. I would strongly recommend that you teach this course again!

I feel more confident and focused with the goal-setting procedure.

Instructor was very knowledgeable, interesting and took the time to work with everyone 1:1.

Thank you Bernice!! This class was outstanding and I’ve recommended it to others in my division. They’ll be looking for you!

Great class - I’m able to apply what we learned and handouts are a good resource.

It is enjoyable to have professors who bring their work experiences and more importantly their expertise to the classroom especially at the graduate level. Thank you!

...I was also impressed by her diligence in discovering underlying issues and finding ways to improve them. She has a wonderful way of listening to clients and gaining a full understanding of their situation which she uses to help solve their problems.

Ms. Rocque reviewed two large automation projects which were part of a larger program aimed at making a step change in our plant's productivity. While her specific task was to compare these two projects versus benchmark data, she also provided many insightful comments regarding managing the risks of the overall program. The two projects have now been commissioned, and Ms. Rocque's observations and recommendations have proven to be sound. She definitely helped us to be more successful.

Best session I attended in 3 years!

Excellent facilitation. We NEVER could have covered all of the material without you!

Best facilitator I've seen !

Very impressed with the objectives of the meeting being covered. Especially since we had such a large number of participating individuals...

Very well run & organized to keep things moving & accomplish goals and objectives.

At THREE HOUSES CONSULTING LLC, we appreciate the opportunity to work with clients who value a strong partner.

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