Three Houses Triad™

W hat happens when the project manager, lead business partner, and a skilled project facilitator join forces to run a project? Often --- better performance. We know that a decision triad can reduce project risk, improve integration, and make a difference in outcomes.

In their own words...

Our project team delivered our aviation project on time, within budget, and met 100% of the goals outlined during project inception. One of our team members, Ms. Rocque, was a facilitator who helped us to manage the project. I am convinced that the effective techniques we used such as alternative evaluation, vendor demo agendas, and risk analysis contributed to our project's results.

The benefits to our operations included more timely and flexible management reporting, lower pilot training costs, and more efficient scheduling of pilot, maintenance, and support staff activities. The ease of use of the interface enabled the executive roll out to go smoothly and generally made the department look more professional.

There was an important additional benefit. We were able to improve the working relationships within the flight department. The process had the effect of focusing the cross function work groups into a team that had a clear vision and ownership of the goals and end product. This was a value added bonus that our team did not quantify but was recognized by management.

The software vendor we selected during the project has seen his customer base increase significantly. Improvements to his product, made in response to the requirement definition process, have enabled the vendor to become one of the premier software vendors within corporate aviation.

The Business Partner

The Triad approach greatly contributed to the success of my project. Our facilitator, a part-time team member, introduced us to proven tools and techniques that saved us time and eliminated rework in developing project deliverables. At project meetings, the facilitator provided an objective view during discussions and kept us focused on the agenda and critical issues at hand. Just as importantly, the facilitator's help with the conflict resolution which often seems to surface during a project, proved crucial to our project success. The advice, guidance and mentoring provided by our facilitator proved invaluable.

The Project Manager

As sponsor of a critical aviation project, I found that the triad approach kept our team focused and asking the hard questions. This brought about results that surpassed my expectations. The research, development of a specification, evaluation formats, selection of the vendor and, most importantly, the implementation of the project were done smoothly with few major issues or problems. Our team had the proper guidance and facilitation that resulted in adding significant value to our business.

The Project Sponsor

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