E veryone has experienced the agony of unproductive meetings. Productive meetings are better... They keep people focused on the meeting objectives, while capturing valuable contributions.

Meeting facilitation services

T HREE HOUSES CONSULTING LLC provides skilled facilitation for a single meeting, a series, or as a part-time team member. We can help you to plan, conduct, and evaluate important meetings, including:

  • strategic planning
  • idea generation
  • project and program planning
  • “mining” lessons learned
  • process analysis and redesign (“quick & effective”)
  • team problem solving
  • focus groups

S killed facilitators can make a significant difference in achieving meeting outcomes by:

  • Creating an appropriate meeting design.
  • Helping the group to reach their meeting objectives.
  • Enabling participation by all attendees.
  • Minimizing dysfunctional meeting behaviors.
  • Ensuring that decisions are supported by appropriate data.
  • Evaluating the meeting in real time to accommodate desirable refinements.
  • Working with the group to establish next steps and clear accountabilities.

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