THREE HOUSES CONSULTING LLC offers mentoring services that are designed around the needs of those mentored, and around the profile of the project(s) being managed. Increasing the number of people with track records who reach project objectives is about developing decision-making, risk and relationship management, and integration skills.

We focus on project elements rather than project forms. Our experience is that applying a methodology the same way for every project in the portfolio is usually not cost effective, and can draw precious energy away from activities that matter more. Scaling of methodology is viable, makes sense to project people, and is an underutilized strategy for strengthening performance.

With these perspectives in mind, THREE HOUSES CONSULTING LLC offers products and services that scale well and can support the mentoring process. Workshops, Team Tools, Facilitation, and the Three Houses Triad™ offer a variety of performance solutions. They help individuals and teams to make better decisions, by focusing on critical project elements that really matter in getting results.

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